This semester we will be looking at Differential Calculus, the study of change in functions. We will start by introducing the foundational concepts of limit and continuity and use those to develop the derivative. The derivative will tell us the rate of change of a function at any point along its domain.

Class Format:
Each day will begin with me soliciting questions over the previous day's homework. I will assign random students to work these problems out on the board. This will be followed by a 5 minute, 1 question quiz over that homework. After the quiz, I will then introduce new material.

Expectation of Students:
Students are expected to attend class every day. Students are expected to take notes and ask questions during the lecture. Students are expected to come to class having worked all the suggested homework problems.

Expectation of Instructor:
I will always allow time for students to ask questions in class. I will always be available during my office hour and if my office hour conflicts with your schedule, I will arrange to meet you at a time that works for both of us. I will make sure that you are prepared to be successful in Calculus III.


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