Math 241-005
Calculus I
MTWRF 12:00-12:50p
CLB 211
CRN 82106

Instructor: Rob Grondahl
Office: CLB 202 (Next to the coffee shop)
Office Hour: M-F 1:00-1:50p
Phone: 469-8500 x2802

Textbook: Thomas Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions ; Weir, Hass, Giordano; 14th Edition; Pearson Addison-Wesley
Calculator: Calculators are not allowed on quizzes and tests. If you are going to buy a calculator, a TI-83/84 or equivalent graphing calculator is recommended. You can rent them from the Math Resource Center (MRC) for $25 per semester.

Prerequisite: Either (MATH 171 and MATH 172) or MATH 173 or an equivalent course with a grade of "C" or higher or an appropriate score on an assessment test

Math Resource Center (MRC): CLB 212

Homework: Homework is assigned for every section we cover. Homework is not collected.

Quizzes: You will have a quiz over each section to determine your understanding of the material. These quizzes will constitute 20% of your overall grade. Quizzes cannot be made-up, but your lowest three quizzes will be dropped.

Projects: We will have 3 unit projects. These you can work on together. Each project will constitute 4% of your grade.

Mastery Exam: You will need to have passed the Differentiation Mastery Exam by the due date, Oct. 11th, or you will have your Test 2 score lowered by 10%
Tests: We will have 4 unit tests. Each test will constitute 12% of your grade. Tests can be made-up in the Testing Center (Student Center 334), if you contact me in advance.

Final Exam: The final exam is comprehensive. The final exam will constitute 20% of your grade. Your final exam grade will replace your lowest test score.

At the end of the semester, if the class average is below 75%, the grades will be shifted to make it 75%.

Grading Scale:
90-100% A
80-89% B
70-79% C
60-69% D
0-59% F

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To successfully complete the pre-requisite(s) for this course, a student must earn at least a "C" in the pre-requisite course(s) or earn an appropriate score on a placement exam. If a student is found not to have successfully fulfilled the pre-requisite(s) for this course, the student will be dropped from the course.


If you are a student with a disability, and if you will be requesting accommodations, it is your responsibility to contact Access Services. Access Services will recommend any appropriate accommodations to your professor and his/her director. The professor and director will identify for you which accommodations will be arranged.

JCCC provides a range of services to allow persons with disabilities to participate in educational programs and activities. If you desire support services, contact the office of Access Services for Students With Disabilities (913) 469-8500, ext. 3521 or TDD (913) 469-3885. The Access Services office is located in the Success Center on the second floor of the Student Center.

Homework & Materials by Section